Encouraging an awareness of the history and heritage of Clontarf and its environs...

The society was established in 1978 and is a member of the Federation of Local History Societies. The main objective of the society is the encouragement of an awareness of the history and heritage of Clontarf and its environs by researching and recording the history of the area and its people, and by promoting this through regular lectures, talks, discussions, and outings.

However, the society’s interests are not confined exclusively to matters of local interest, so our monthly lectures cover a wide range of topics, both local and national. Consequently, our meetings are of interest to all who have either a wide interest in historical topics or to those whose interest is purely local.

The society is anxious to record all matters of historical interest to Clontarf, so if anyone has documents, photographs, or other records that have a bearing on the area they are encouraged to make contact with the society. If the owners wish to retain the originals, especially photographs, the society would welcome an opportunity of scanning the material, saving it, and returning the originals without any undue delay, even within a few hours.

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Programme for period from February to June 2015

FEBRUARY 2015 - “Travellers’ Tales
Mon. 9th 8.15pm
(Descriptions by visitors to Ireland of our characteristics, lifestyles, environment and foibles during the 15th to 17th Centuries)
(Liam Clare)

MARCH 2015 - “The History of the Dublin Fruit and Vegetable Market”
Mon. 9th 8.15pm
(John Conroy)

APRIL 2015 - “South Circular Road Dublin on the Eve of WW1 ”
Mon. 13th 8.15pm
(The 2.5 miles long South Circular Road was originally a military road to carryheavy equipment and allow for marching troops between barracks around the city)
(Cathy Scuffil)

MAY 2015 - “The Ghost Signs of Dublin”
Mon. 11th 8.15pm
(This talk is about the remnants of businesses, shop names and people who managed and worked in them which are still evident in written ghost signs across Dublin)
(Antonia Harte)

JUNE 2015 - “James O’Connor, Fenian and M.P.”
Mon. 8th 8.15pm
( O’Connor was father of Moya Llewelyn-Davies who lived at Furry Park House, Killester and was a friend of Michael Collins)
(Cormac Lowth)

Meetings are held on the second Monday of the month at 8.15 p.m. in the RESOURCE CENTRE, ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST CHURCH, CLONTARF ROAD from September to June.

Telephone Enquiries to: 8338711-New Members always welcome!
Annual Membership €20 - Individual Talks €5

The Clontarf Historical Society also act as the editor of historical content on the Clontarf.ie website, which is a resource for both residents of and visitors to Clontarf. Our events and articles are available to view at www.clontarf.ie and links to this content are also available below.

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Meetings are held on the second Monday of every month at 8.15pm from September to June in the Resource Centre, in the grounds of St.John the Baptist Church, Clontarf Road

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